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  • Radiance / SR
    album is being released today Highly recommended Enjoy your holidays The annual update 120413 Wow it s been a year already The guitar tablature book PDF for The Burning Sun album is finally available again For completeness you can now also buy the album from an alternative source right here in case you have something against Bandcamp see the buttons on the right I ve begun recording the next Radiance album which will most likely be a 2014 release I opted against releasing the material in parts so it will be a full length release Right now I would describe the album as massive It will again be a concept album consisting of four very long songs with an overarching storyline Imagine The Burning Sun taken further in just about every imaginable way I don t want to spoil any more than that at this point wait and see Also thanks for the cool e mails everybody I ll definitely try and be more active with the updates so that people don t have to get too concerned Of course the lack of updates isn t because nothing is happening it is because so much is happening simultaneously that I barely have time to sleep I wouldn t have it any other way Enjoy your holidays folks What s going on 110912 As usual it s been a while since the last update No surprises there I ve been extremely busy this year with all kinds of projects but here s an update on at least a couple of things During the summer I did the production on Circle of Contempt s upcoming EP titled Entwine the Threads see the album teaser here Great band great album Highly recommended I also finished writing the next Radiance album now all I

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