Peacock for Android – Download [May-2023]

Peacock for Android – Download

NBC Universal joins the streaming service boom with Peacock, an app run by the peacock network. The app serves as the platform for multimedia created by NBC Universal and its various broadcast and cable networks such as Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Animation, and Focus. Not to be outdone by its competitors, Peacock will also feature exclusive new shows and movies. Some of these exclusive content will include reboots of NBC’s well-known properties. All of Peacock’s content adds up to fifteen hours of streaming video content.

Cable TV on-Demand :

Peacock is a free-to-use film and TV streaming service. Its most basic features are 7,500 hours of programming, which includes next-day access to current seasons of new NBC series, full runs of classic series, blockbusters, daily news, and sports events. You can also watch Spanish-language content and curated genre channels, such as SNL Vault, Family Movie Night, and Olympic Profiles

  • Peacock’s features are similar to that of broadcast network television, which goes against the grain of streaming platforms. But considering the amount of live content, you get the same experience as cable TV. The difference is that Peacock is an on-demand TV streaming platform. Even if there is live TV, you can watch it on your own time or not watch it at all. You get to stream what you want and when you want it.

Intuitive Streaming Interface :

Another similar feature of this new streaming platform is the interface. All video content will be splayed out on a series of rows. The first two rows will display series and films that you have already watched, followed by new releases on Peacock. These will change as the machine learning algorithm will see what genre of content you watch and how many hours you spend consuming it.

  • The service has an addition to the trending section. These are daily short-form content such as clips from late-night shows, celebrity news updates, and sports highlights. If this is not the kind of content you are looking for, you can always check the platform’s native channel guide. This allows you to see all available TV shows, movies, sports updates, news channels, and other specific curated hubs.
  • Perhaps the only setback is the kind of content NBC is willing to feature and create. NBC Universal has always created content that passes cable TV’s standard of censorship since the mid-1920s. So, don’t expect them to veer away from that standard anytime soon. If you’re looking for grittier content, Netflix and HBO offer lots of content that delves into topics and themes not regularly shown on television.

New Home of the Peacock :

NBCUniversal’s move entry to the streaming platform game appears bold, but it is only natural for a network that has created and produced many beloved TV shows and films. It is also considerate of its viewers that are willing to watch television but find little time to do so. Both NBC’s new and loyal viewers will get a treat as the platform offers at least six-hundred movies and four-hundred series, all available on-demand.


  • Films and series by NBC Universal
  • NBC exclusive content
  • Next-day access to ongoing shows


  • Limited to cable TV standards

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